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Re-Inventing "The Organization"

2010-05-19 23:25:22 by POIZIN

Looking for Animators and Voice actors/actresses. If your interested please let me see your work. Nothing major required but i'd like to put more effort into this series and create something i've been conjuring for a while now.

Need atleast 1 girl and guy voice actor.

I only say that i control the music and script. Everything else will be left up to the animator and voices but follow the guidelines to the script. I'm giving images to how i want the show to look like and the characters.

If interested PM me as soon as possible so we can get to work on this. I'll relay script or any other information via Aim or PM.

See me on Xbox Live

2010-02-23 21:10:46 by POIZIN

My gamer tag is AcIDwuLF. Add me
Play me.
Enjoy it.

Andrew Series is a Success

2009-10-04 01:48:05 by POIZIN

I will thank the community that my Andrew flashes have blessed you all. The hard work and commitment to creating such a diverse and extraordinary cartoon and share it freely with everyone to give it such great reviews and honest scores has given me the courage to make more. Yes, more Andrew flashes are on its way and it will blow your minds. Sooner or later i will make a epic movie for the Andrew Series when season 1 comes to an end. Hopefully these next 2 new episodes will help you get that last jerk between your legs to blast like never before, so now, your gunna see some serious shit. (BTTF FTW)[BTTF4 NOT HAPPENING!]

Wow i passed the flash portal!

2009-08-23 00:56:21 by POIZIN

I have to say, i am really happy and so giddy that it passed. Thank you newgrounds for letting it pass. I am sure to bring you guys more and hopefully it wont look as shitty. Yes i know its garbage and has no story line but it will be better long and have a original plot. Hopefully i will get the next one up soon. Thanks newgrounds!

Webdesigning and Photoshopping

2009-08-15 21:35:51 by POIZIN

Well i am offering my services in help in photoshop tutorials and dreamweaver tutorials. Or helping to participate for cash in help creating you a new webpage. Working on Adobe Flash now. Well hopefully you guys will ask for my help or my services soon.

Cant believe it

2009-06-05 14:23:01 by POIZIN

I was a fool who got hacked. Whoopy >.>

Nothing to see here.

2009-06-05 04:03:44 by POIZIN

This account is no longer in possession of the hacker.

This is JoxskornerStudios01 and the attacker that was using the phishing pages GAVE me the password.

Im turning this account over to a MOD to let the admins deal with this.

I sure hope this poor user gets his account back ):

Sorry Poizin

2009-06-05 01:36:56 by POIZIN

I tooks your account ):

Keeping it Real.

2008-09-29 04:29:01 by POIZIN

I've taken my music career away from newgrounds.
I've been swamped at work and school.
Keeping up with my NFL giants.
No time for fun and games.
But time for parties.
And fun within my lane.
I <3 Newgrounds!

DJPoizin -The Audio Biography- (constant updates)

2008-07-12 01:48:40 by POIZIN

Well some people know who i am, either in person or on the net, and they know me by the music i make. Yes i realize that my music career is very small and that i have a lot to fix along my way but as of now i would like to share my Audio Biography. This little blog spot will render all i know, learned and have picked up along the way, also with some side notes about everything of upcoming and what i am looking for. Lets jump into the world of DJPoizin. (gey)

Okay my sudden interest for music began when i was real young probably around 8 or 9 before that i was just into listening to nothing since music bothered me. Once i hit 8 i realized that music has a way of putting a smile on my face only because i liked the music, it was never the lyrics. Growing up listening to the little pop groups and some nice old school hip hop i had my mind focused on one dude and he was EMINEM. Well since i'm white, X_X, i liked his style and all i did was repeat verses after verses, what a fantastic time. Well when i turned 10 i ended up moving from where i used to live only about 2 miles left, yeah just 2 miles. Before i forget, my introduction to newgrounds was phenomenal, i was brought here during the year 1999 when this site just woke up. I would rummage through all the cartoons and be sneaky with watching the mature but thats another story. Once i moved and grew to the age of 13, everything changed.

The computer was a slide that never ended, trust me that slide kept me entertained for 5 years starting from 10 years old. The only reason it took me away from reality was the video game Starcraft, an online RTS that dealt with people of all sorts. After some time i picked up on half life at 13 years of age, then i was introduced into DJing. My father used to own turntables and it was just annoying at times but once i learned about it, boy i wish he still had them. Well we all know the real thing is better than a computer image but it was a fun time scratching around with a program i like to call Virtual DJ. It was the turning point in history for me when i started to make music with a nice mouse and keyboard.

Some time later at the early age of 14 i was introduced to a small console called Hercules MP3 Console and it revolutionized my world. I was a addict for music on newgrounds once i found out that it held video game music and all this crazy stuff. Having such over exaggerated nostalgia of SNES and Playstation i went on a download frenzy of music. Back to my DJing, well i started to record here and there and i would send it too my cousin to listen too. I went from BAD to good, not great.

This all started with Krilio and i didnt notice my master mic was on so it recorded Austin Powers in the Background, that was a good mix in my opinion. Then i felt that i should make another, this lead to an all time favorite called Sluce this gave me confidence in all my skills to make music. But after i learned about Sony Acid it fell down the drain. I was still 14 learning Acid and Virtual DJ, then another bomb crushed me; FL Studio. What a horrid year it became. I started to move away from Acid and Virtual DJ for FL Studio only for the fact i can create my own music.

The horrible year of 2006 came dreaded music which i thought sounded good. I was Dead wrong. To this date i am grateful for the Delete option of my audio. But it made me look like a fool scoring only 2's and 1's because it was simple as a baby shaking a Rattle. 2006 caused me to move away from music for a while, till i met up with a guy named Votex.

Early 2007 and i was kicken back in school and he started to teach me FL Studio. Now i made an improvement don't get me wrong, but as of now i am way better. He helped me from my Noob years of horrid music. I got back into the game with one song i was proud of and it was called Trance Max, this track helped me start to become better.

The Start of summer 07' was great only because i stopped worrying about music since i stopped, like completely, i had this feeling that i couldn't make a simple melody without making it sound like absolute shit. I got back into gaming and i started living life outdoors, this was my year to move away from the computer, and i did. At the end of summer 07' i spoke with Votex and i told him "I'm coming back to FL Studio" His response was "You sure, not going to quit like the last time?" i honestly thought i was at first but i said with a couragous voice "No i'm here to stay."

School started and while i was messing around with FL Studio, i got back into Virtual DJ. Now i have Virtual DJ recorded files that i've made but since its useless to post since its just remixed music i had no reason to post it anywhere but satisfy myself. Coming into my first song which helped me back straight into music and never have i given up on it again to this date.

My first song i tossed in here was pure luck of how good it sounded and was. My song Choir to the Peaceful changed who i was with music and boosted my confidence to such a level that i had my dream set on making tracks and getting better and better. My next track was Follow the Path, which brought me into making a more ambient and subtle sound. My experience with melodies became like a natural skill. Then i decided to release Robotronic to newgrounds and after that i decided that i would stop uploading music for free unless its a Test file. Which brings me to today's test file. Please listen to /157431 and toss in some tips.

My life as an audio artist has become stronger and stronger with a better sense of interest. At this time my FL studio and Sony Acid are beginning to get together and help me and with a little more time i will learn to use Reason, the hardest bitch of them all. As renowned i am DJPoizin -The one and Only-.

Update 7/13/08
Well to my journey of music creation there is a new song in the oven ready to be served but i will have to work real hard on fixing this one because i have strong hopes for this one. Other than that, keep checkin up!

The people who helped me with audio creation and judging
Jessica - Pocket Kitty, teh myoozikal advizer
Michael - My cousin
Votex - Kept hidden he is known by DeeJay Cey

Remember People i am the one and only DJPoizin!
Some Update info here and there
Released new Test track as of 7-12-08 Go check it out.
Written my Audio Blog 7-12-08
New - Updated my image my header and signature CYA! 7-12-08
No new updates- Keep checkin =]